All Inclusive Package Policies

All inclusive packages are based on certain times of the day. If you want those packages in any other time of the day, room rental will be charged. Below are the timings for the packages.

  1. Breakfast Packages between 6am - 11am
  2. Lunch Packages between 11am- 3pm
  3. Social events Packages 4pm - 11pm
  4. Reception Packages 4pm - 11pm
  5. Bar packages are available and will be custom made depending on the host's need.

Landmark Garden Packages

  1. Timing Preference will be given to someone who hosts both the ceremony and reception with us.
  2. The entire event can be hosted outside but there will be an upcharge.
  3. Special Discount $500 when you book Garden Ceremony with Reception.

Catering From Outside Caterer

  1. Cleaning charges will be charged.
  2. Outdoor catering fee per person will be charged.
  3. Kitchen usage charges will be charged.
  4. Landmark staff will assist the caterer but they won't be responsible for the food.


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